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Corporate Services

We have a truly global team with presence in Hong Kong, China, Dubai, London , Tokyo, Moscow, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur offering a full-suite of corporate services

Company Formation, Maintenance & Governance

  • At GCA, we offer our clients one-stop solutions ranging from company registration, corporate filings, legal compliance; so that you can focus on driving and growing your business.
  • Recent corporate scandals have put the spotlight on corporate governance and their aggressive tax strategies. At GCA, our team of experts help to design, develop and implement governance structures and practices that address shareholder and stakeholder expectations.

Commercial Mediation & Credit Management

At GCA, we provide our clients with modern business dispute resolution and new concepts for improving their credit risk management. We can help and fully protect the rights and interests of our corporate clients and improve the management of accounts receivable and corporate cash flow. With the support of Professional Mediation Consultancy Centre and Hong Kong City Credit Management Group, we can ensure minimal defiance with high privacy and cost-effectiveness, protect business reputation, and arrive at a win-win outcome.

ESG Reporting

Investors are no longer only looking at a company’s profitability and prospect, they have increasingly become conscious on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, which ultimately will impact a company’s value. At GCA, we utilize our decades of experience to craft and implement ESG strategies and reporting structure to help issuers attract investors, improve market perception and enhance corporate value.