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Corporate Finance

We help you to determine the value of asset for sale or purchase, make your every penny count.


Our corporate finance team provides a full suite of advisory solutions in a fully integrated manner. Led by a team of banking veterans with proved track records, we have experience assisting businesses from different growth stages and industries.

With access to a full range of capital providers, our depth and breadth of experience allow us to be creative in providing the best strategic and fundraising solutions to our clients.


Nowadays, capital market is very volatile. Underperforming companies are often neglected by investors. Having a well-planned capital market strategy will help enterprises to enhance their market value and strengthening their market position.


GCA helps clients to understand the capital market, including how the market value individual companies, as well as the effect of market expectation on company share prices. By having a thorough analysis, an action plan involving mergers and acquisitions, spin off, or divestment can be developed to narrow the gap between market perception and the company’s perception of corporate strategies and goals.


For investors to fully appraise the value of a company, an effective and efficient communication programme is essential. GCA helps the company to understand the current communication gap. We assist the company to develop a communication programme which will articulate their strategies and business targets clearly to their investors and effectively manage the investors’ expectation on company’s performance.


GCA works with companies to ensure that the right transactions are made within current and forecasted market conditions. Our due diligence team is made up of expertise in asset valuation, financial risk management, financial investigation and forensic accounting. We provide investigated information to assess regulatory compliance, property, legal, financial, tax, information technology, environment, insurance, liability, employee benefit, commercial situation and many aspects of the company before you or your company entering into a substantial transaction.


Initial public offering (“IPO”) is one of the most significant milestones for a business, a stamp of approval for its success and a highly sustainable fundraising channel. The process of getting a company listed could be daunting, and it is important that the right team is in place to ensure the company can be properly advised on listing structure, valuation, timing, among other factors. 

Preliminary Assessment

As one of the first steps in the listing process, GCA assists clients to conduct a thorough analysis of the business on its financials, operations and legal structure. The primary focus is to understand the business’s current situation financially and operationally, its growth plan and strategies, as well as the issues they are facing.


Working with a team of seasoned legal experts, GCA assists clients to understand their businesses’ current organization structure and how it impacts their listing plan. Depending on the choice of listing venue, most businesses require a series of structuring initiatives in order to satisfy the listing requirements. In addition to simply meeting regulatory requirements, a properly structured organization would also allow businesses to maximize their financial returns and operational efficiency.  

Equity Story and Valuation

A meticulously crafted equity story is one of the most important ingredients in every successful listing. Equity story is the investment highlights of the listing business, investors scrutinize it very carefully to understand and gauge a business potential before making their investment decision. In order to achieve the optimal pricing of their shares and the amount to be raised, the equity story to be articulated must be attractive and innovative to stand out from the crowd – how are you different than the other listed peers and why should we invest with you?


An attractive equity story needs to be made whole with a properly conducted independent valuation – both for satisfying specific listing requirements as well as to communicate with potential investors how much your company and its shares are worth. 

Post-IPO Management

For clients whose companies are publicly traded, GCA guide them through the particulars of equity and debt capital markets, tapping into our best minds and experience, and providing access to capital in multiple products and currencies.


An M&A transaction can often be a defining moment for any businesses, GCA provides a full range of strategic M&A financial advisory services to our clients including, but not limited to, acquisitions, divestitures, tender offers, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures and strategic alliances.


In coordination with our unparalleled network across the globe, we provide our clients with innovative yet practical M&A ideas for both cross-border transactions as well as domestic transaction in Asia. 


Mergers and acquisitions is an effective tool to improve company performance. Organic growth of business often takes considerate amount of time. Mergers and acquisitions can often allow a company to penetrate a specific sector and/or market quickly and effectively. With extensive knowledge in different sectors, we will help the company to formulate the M & A road map to accelerate growth in a manner that fit the company’s overall business strategy.


Using analytical tools and methodologies, GCA assists client to appraise the value of the target company and the value created by the acquisition.


The role of due diligence is important in relation to the successful closing of a transaction. Our team assists clients alongside all other professionals in due diligence exercise to evaluate the commercial capability of the target company.


We provide negotiation support to clients by orchestrating the process and coordinating with other advisors.


To assist investors and other market users fully appraise the value of the transaction, we help the company to present the transaction to the market in an orderly and transparent fashion, highlighting the benefits, strategic rationale, growth prospect and valuation enhancement associated with the transaction.


Portfolio management is all about making decisions about investment strategy, meeting investment objectives, and allocating assets while keeping a balance between investment risk and return. At GCA, we measure our success through the success of our clients. Given the unpredictable market conditions, our portfolio management service (PMS) is customised with solid experience and strong research to make the right decision at the right time.


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