Operation Consulting

We provide consulting services for operating mineral and energy projects to enhance long-term profitability by offering comprehensive solutions with guidance on project efficiency improvement, operational process optimisation and creation of flexible operations. Our services include:

Areas Of Focus

Exploration Planning and Design



Social ImpactAnalysis

Exploration Planning and Design

Areas Of Focus

We provide detailed project evaluation to ensure a smooth exploration program and enhance program’s efficiency. Typical tasks include guidance on the exploration program and drilling campaign and assessment of step-out and infill drilling plans

Operation Management

Areas Of Focus

We assist clients in reviewing their operation process and addressing major issues to advise appropriate practices. We aim at maximising operational efficiency of client’s project, increasing its productivity and value.

Environmental consulting

Area Of Focus

We assess the environmental impacts on extraction of minerals and energy and provide recommendations on improvement of environmental challenges to add value to clients’ organisations and reduce their potential risks on projects.

Social Analysis

Area Of focus

We assess the social impacts of a mineral or energy project to local community. We review current social impact assessment structures and provide guidance on effective of local community policies for project development or compliance purposes.