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Never buy / sell without knowing the price

Property Consultancy

We have one of the most experienced property consulting teams specializing in sales and leasing as well as asset management services.

Facilities Management

We offer various facility management services from basic security, handyman and cleaning services to energy saving solution, space management, business risk management and other tailor-made services. Our customised services offer property owners a worry-free solution.

Sales And Leasing

  • Our experts analyse the best value of client’s property with our best knowledge and experience in which we can provide a tailor-made plan to suit clients’ strategy and vision.
  • It is important to anticipate the market change and life cycle; our experts are keen to provide clients with regular insights on the property market trend.
  • Our professionals undertake a feet-on-the-ground approach that enables us to fully evaluate the potential and possible portfolios.

Assets Management

  • The investment could be rather risky without proper strategy. We offer advisory service to clients’ investment, allowing them to grow beyond expectation. Clients will benefit from the ability to leverage our Hong Kong and the PRC reach as well as the Asia-Pacific expertise team.
  • Dealing with existing and new set-up of portfolio, we help clients manage the portfolio by reviewing their financial position, formulating the best investment policies and strategies, evaluating different investment alternatives to form a portfolio of right asset class