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GCA Group assisted Pizu Group Holdings Limited (8053.HK) for mineral valuation

By July 8, 2022August 4th, 2023No Comments

We are delighted to share with you that our team has just completed two valuation projects of mining business for our valuable client Pizu Group Holdings Limited (Stock code: 8053.HK).

Pizu Group Holdings Limited is mainly engaged in the production of civil explosives and the relevant businesses related to blasting operations. Pizu Group is one of the few companies which have both explosive production qualification and blasting operation qualification, and in the industry-leading position and listed on Hong Kong GEM board which is engaged in civil explosive industry.

We completed a valuation of Anhui Jinding Mining Co., Limited (“Jinding”), a non-wholly owned subsidiaries of Pizu Group, for impairment assessment purpose.  Jinding is principally engaged in mining, processing of pyrite, iron ore and copper and the sales of the said mineral products. Mineral resource in Jinding is mainly Gold-Copper (Au-Cu) with sulphide and iron.

We also completed an assessment of fair value of Tibet Tianren Mining Co., Limited (“Tibet Tianren”), which is principally engaged in the mining and sale of non-ferrous metal products.  Tibet Tianren is an associate of Pizu Group.  Mineral resources in Tibet Tianren are mainly copper and molybdenum.

We sincerely wish Pizu Group Holdings Limited every success in the future and scale their business to new heights!

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