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Celebrating our 25th Anniversary

By GCA Professional Services Group

Hong Kong – May 31, 2022 

This year marks a very special year for GCA Group as we celebrate our 25th anniversary.

GCA Professional Services Group was initially set up in 1997 as the city’s first all-round asset appraisal firm owned solely by local Hong Kong professionals with an objective to serve both mainland Chinese companies for overseas fundraising through various capital markets around the globe as well as to serve overseas companies to look for investment targets and set up respective joint venture corporations in mainland China. Over the past 25 years, from an asset appraisal firm, GCA has become an all-round financial services group licensed by SFC in provision of corporate finance, corporate services and consultancy, asset including property advisory services, investment advisory, and asset/fund management services.

All these achievements came with great efforts and commitments from our excellent team, supportive clients and ethicistic partners. We hope to share the celebration of our 25th Anniversary with everyone in this year. As the first step, we are delighted to introduce you the 25th anniversary celebration logo.

This logo inherited the core gold colour scheme of our company and adopted the important wavy element from the original logo, which provided a visual cohesion. As for the typeface, this logo allowed some creative freedom in introducing new fonts, the clear and bold digit 2 overlaid on 5, which can instantly gain the recognition of the 25th anniversary milestone at the first glance. It also carries a message that the two decades and five years flew by fast but marked important millstones on our history. The soft wave under the circle shows the innovative, energetic, and resilient spirit we hold to continuously better shape the future together.

Alongside the newly designed anniversary logo, we’ve planned a series of events, activities and souvenirs in the coming months of this year to engage with everyone in meaningful ways. Most of all, we want to use this marker year as an opportunity to thank our clients and partners for the trust you have placed in us. We are humbled by and grateful for that and look forward to continuing to grow together over the next twenty-five years.

Wishing you the best in 2022 and beyond,
GCA Professional  Services Group

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