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GCA Group assisted Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 00968.HK) for acquisition of a solar farm project

By August 30, 2023December 11th, 2023No Comments

We are pleased to announce another milestone in our journey of fostering growth and innovation. GCA Professional Services Group is honored to have supported our esteemed client, Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 00968.HK) in the strategic acquisition of a solar farm project.

Xinyi Solar Holdings, recognized for its leadership in manufacturing and distributing solar glass products, continues to drive global solar innovation. With production complexes in China and Malaysia, the company has expanded its presence into solar farm development and operation within the PRC. In an acquisition during the first half of 2023, the company added a substantial 10MW solar farm project located in Yunnan Province to its portfolio. The project’s proximity to another upcoming venture by the company offers benefits such as seamless integration, improved grid connectivity, optimized infrastructure costs, and reduced operating expenses.

Our engagement with Xinyi Solar Holdings encompassed two pivotal tasks:
1) Precision in Allocation: We meticulously conducted a comprehensive purchase price allocation exercise, ensuring every aspect of the acquisition was accurately evaluated and strategically optimized.
2) Valuation Expertise: With our deep valuation insights, we assessed the property, plant, equipment, and invaluable land use rights associated with the acquired solar farm project. Our valuation exercise adds a layer of confidence to the Company’s investment endeavors.

We extend our best wishes to Xinyi Solar Holdings on their journey. May their endeavors in the photovoltaic arena continue to pave the way for success and sustainability.