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Unlocking the Value: The Intersection of AI and Business Valuation [Issue 3]

By June 19, 2023July 10th, 2023No Comments

We are delighted to present the latest Issue in our Technology & Emerging Markets newsletter series: Unlocking the Value: The Intersection of AI and Business Valuation. This third edition delves into the compelling realm where Artificial Intelligence converges with the intricacies of business valuation.

The focus of this issue will be on:

• The Rise of AI
• Hot Topics -OpenAI and Baidu
• Fund Raising Deals and Valuation Increased
• Value Drivers and Growth
• How To Value A Company With AI Technologies
• AI Valuation Multiples 
• Correlation Between AI Adoption and Business Value
• How Does AI Support Operation and DrivePerformance
• Valuation Insights
• Case Study –ARM China
• How GCA Can Help

Join us as we explore the profound impact of AI on the assessment and determination of a company’s worth, uncovering invaluable insights and shedding light on the transformative potential of this powerful combination.

The newsletter can be read in full here: GCA_Unlocking-the-Value-The-Intersection-of-AI-and-Business-Valuation_Issue-3

If you are eager to catch up on the first two issues, simply click on the links below:

Issue 1 – Jumping Into the Metaverse 
Issue 2 – Can the Electric Vehicle Market Keep its Growth?

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