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Can the Electric Vehicle Market Keep its Growth? [Issue 2]

By October 7, 2022October 10th, 2022No Comments

Following the first issue of our Technology & Emerging Markets newsletter series – Jumping Into the Metaverse, we are thrilled to introduce you our second issue today – Can the Electric Vehicle Market Keep its Growth?

The focus of this issue will be on:

• Number of Electric Vehicles
• Types of Electric Vehicles
• Supportive Government Policies
• The EV Battlefield
• Valuation Uptick
• Cost Driver – Battery Technology Differentiates the Profitability of EV Companies
• Competition in Battery Technology
• Factors beyond the Valuation Assumptions
• Valuation Insight

The newsletter can be read in full here: GCA_Can-the-Electric-Vehicle-Market-Keep-its-Growth_Issue-2

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